Principles of Material Handling

Adaptability Principle:  Use methods and equipment that can best perform a variety of tasks and applications where special purpose equipment is not justified.

Automation Principle:  Provide automation to include production, handling, and storage functions.

Capacity Principle:  Use handling equipment to help achieve desired production capacity.

Control Principle:  Use material handling activities to improve control of production, inventory and other handling.

Dead Weight Principle:  Reduce ratio of dead weight of mobile handling equipment to load carried.

Equipment Selection Principle:  In selecting handling equipment consider all aspects of the material handled-the movement and the method of use.

Gravity Principle:  Utilize gravity to move material wherever practical.

Maintenance Principle: Plan for preventive maintenance and scheduled repairs of all handling equipment.

Material Flow Principle: Provide an operation sequence and equipment layout optimizing material flow.

Mechanization Principle: Mechanize handling operations.

Obsolescence Principle:  Replace obsolete handling methods and equipment when more efficient methods or equipment will improve operations.

Performance Principle:  Determine effectiveness of handling performance in terms of expense per unit handled.

Planning Principle:  Plan all material handling and storage activities to obtain maximum overall operating efficiency.

Safety Principle:  Provide suitable methods/equipment for safe handling.

Space Utilization Principle:  Make optimum utilization of building cube.

Standardization Principle:  Standardize handling methods as well as type and sizes of handling equipment. 

System Principle:  Integrate as many handling activities as is practical into coordinated systems of operations, covering vendor, receiving, storage, production, inspection, packaging, warehousing, shipping, transportation, and customer.

Unit Size Principle:  Increase the quantity, size, or weight of units, loads, or flow rates.

Utilization Principle:  Plan for the optimum utilization of handling equipment and manpower.