10 Good Ways To Tell People About You

1. Can you summarize who you are in 3 words? "Smart, kind, direct"

2. The quotation I live my life by is, "The truth measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good"

3. My personal philosphy is, "I listen well, utilize wide angle insight and connect the dots present."

4. People that know me best say that I'm, "Easy going yet thought provoking"

5. Well I Googled myself this morning and here's what I found "My AZ Contractors License number, a map to my office, several business listing and that I'm one of 6 people in the country with the same name."

6. My passions are, "My grandchildren, reading, skiing and living a sober life"

7. When I was seven years old I always wanted to be, "a tomboy".

8. If Hollywood made a movie about my life it would be called, "This Time Around".

9. Can I show you instead of tell you, "It's all about follow through".

10. The compliment people give me most frequently is, "You're a good listener".